The Characteristic of Millenials Generation

Millennial generation, who are they? Millennials are people who born between 1980 and 2000. This generation has many characteristic that make them different from previous generations. But in this discussion, we will only discuss about the problem of using technology in the millennial generation.
Perhaps we often see, our parents, or people born before the 1980s often have difficulty in operating technology, such as smartphone, laptops, and etc. They often ask us, the millennial generation, how to operate those technologies. Like how to send email, How to use Microsoft office, how to send messages via WhatsApp, and much more. This is one of the things that distinguishes millennial generation from the previous generation.
There are so many factors that cause millennial generations operate the latest technologies easily. After the 1980s, technology began to grow very rapidly. Lots of new technologies were discovered that year. Communication technology, computer, experienced many developments. And we, the millennials, are born where the technologies have emerged. That's why we become familiar with technology, and we quickly understand how to use it.

For millennial generation, technology changes things. Technology is very helpful to them in carrying out life activities. With technology, we become easier to send messages with friends, view news around the world, expression through social media, and much more. However, does technology have only a positive impact? Of course technology has a negative impact too.
An example of the negative impact of using technology is causing us to be addicted to the technology. For example is a smart phone. Who does not have a smart phone in this day? The majority of millennial generations have a smart phone. Through smartphones, we can easily communicate with our family and friends. We are also easy to express through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others. In addition, we often play games through our smartphone if we are stressed or when we are looking for entertainment. And unknowingly, in a day, we spend countless hours operating our smartphones. Every time we wake up we open the phone, every time we wants to sleep we check smartphone, and every time we have dinner with family and friends most of us also check smartphone. If we have addicted of course this is not good. Technology can indeed entertain us, help us, and keep us close to people far away, but this can also make people close to be distant. And this is the problem.
Smartphone can disrupt our real social life. Maybe we think, send a message through smartphone also interact socially. But it becomes a problem if we do it when we are in the real social environment and we don’t use it in positive things. For example, when we are gathering with family, we open our mobile phone, of course our parents will feel uncomfortable. Technology will be not a problem if we know when the right time to use it is.